Getting CMMI Certified-ISO 9001 Orlando FL-ISO PROS #14

Getting CMMI Certified in Orlando, Florida (FL)

Getting CMMI Certified-ISO 9001 Orlando FL-ISO PROS #14

An attraction to over 60 million visitors in a year, the expanding business in Orlando, Florida (FL), requires a certain approval from the best to maintain the integrity of your organization. The safest, quickest, and process improvement approach which benefits your organization is the CMMI certification.

This standard ensures that your company will consistently provide the best quality services to the customers and focus on methods that could work for your organization’s betterment. It simply means to streamline the business process flow to improve efficiency.


What is CMMI?

Capability maturity model integration (CMMI) is a framework for improvement in the process involved. The software engineering institute developed it for the development of software, organizations involving acquisitions, and service providers. There are currently three kinds of models which are as follows-

  • Development of software products and services CMMI- DEV
  • Acquisition of products and services CMMI- ACQ
  • Establishment, management, delivery of services CMMI-SVC

Every model concerns the following-

  • An approach that provides organization to work with essential elements of effective processes.
  • Guides the team, project, or department, or entire organization and helps in setting and attaining goals.
  • It prioritizes the quality of processes and also provides a point of reference for appraising current processes.

CMMI processes are categorized in two ways-

  • Maturity level-wise– there are five maturity levels, each aiming in the betterment of the process.
  • Category wise– they are headed under different names such as project management, engineering, process management, support.

There are 22 process areas in CMMI certification, and each process has to be implemented to gain a maturity level.

  • Project planning (PP)
  • Project monitoring and control (PMC)
  • Configuration management (CM)
  • Integrated project management (IPM)
  • Measurement and analysis (MA)
  • Process and product quality assurance (PPQA)
  • Decision analysis and resolution (DAR)
  • Quantitative project management (QPM)
  • Risk management (RM)
  • Supplier agreement management (SAM)
  • Requirement management (REQM)
  • Requirement development (RD)
  • Product integration (PI)
  • Technical solution (TS)
  • Validation (VAL)
  • Verification (VER)
  • Causal analysis and resolution (CAR)
  • Organizational process definition (OPD)
  • Organizational training (OT)
  • Organizational performance management (OPM)
  • Organizational process focus (OPF)
  • Organizational process performance (OPP)

Adopting CMMI assists organizations and firms to align the management and engineering activities. Benefits include consistent quality at all locations, focus on measurement-based decision making, project management, quality of delivered product increases, and hence the profit margin  improves.

Why choose ISO Pros for CMMI Implementation?

ISO Pros will make your employees aware of the requirements of the CMMI and make a core team that will be fully trained by our professionals. We’ll prepare a road map for your organization regarding system design and implementation. Well, carry out process analysis and measure the CMMI process gaps. We shall conduct various training programs and provide you with the documentation as required.

Our consistent efforts and method of working will surely result in your organization getting certified with the CMMI. We will be there on your side from the first audits to the final assessment by the appraisal body.  Do contact ISO Pros for the best priced and quality services in Orlando, Florida(FL).